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Modelki zapozowały do sportowego magazynu „ubrane” tylko w hasła nawiązujące do #MeToo

Pozują nago, ale wysyłają w świat ważny przekaz.

Coroczne wydanie magazynu Sports Illustrated poświęcone strojom kąpielowym pojawi się w tym roku w niecodziennej odsłonie. Zamiast modelek w bikini, zobaczymy dziewczyny pozujące nago, z ciałami pokrytymi napisami z przekazem wpisującym się w ruch #MeToo.

In Her Own Words is about identity. Its purpose is to offer a platform for the participants to speak their truth by choosing positive words that represent who they are and what they strive to embody. The unique quality of this project is that it allows the subject to become the art director. By using her own words and body placement, she can position her body to create her own message, to make a personal and public statement and to stand in her own truth. I challenged these women to stay positive with their word choice regardless of what they were feeling in the moment to demonstrate that if we change our perspective, we have the ability to change our outcome. Though these women are undeniably breathtaking on the outside they are much more than that — they are mothers, daughters, sisters, creators, entrepreneurs, champions, role models – they are smart, strong, intelligent women that have aspirations and goals. They have voices. Voices that deserve to be heard. Owning who we are and the choices we have made to create ourselves, is something that can make us feel proud while also challenge us to self-reflect. We are all a work in progress. In order to move forward to be better, we must own our truth and stand in it without shame and without fear. These incredible women have trusted me to create a safe environment for them to explore those things about themselves. I have had the honor and privilege to get to know these women on a deeper level, to discover what’s inside each of them, and to see how these qualities have shaped their character. @si_swimsuit @sailorbrinkleycook #IHOW Thank you to @vanityfair @goodmorningamerica and of course @si_swimsuit swim daily for the amazing coverage and articles this morning!

Post udostępniony przez Taylor Ballantyne (@taylorbphoto)

W kampanii wzięły udział takie modelki, jak Paulina Porizkova, Sailor Brinkley Cook czy Robyn Lawley. Pozowały nago, a ich ciała pokryto wypisanymi na czarno napisami. Treść przekazu pozostawiono w gestii modelek, czyniąc je „nie tyle przedmiotami, ale uczestnikami sesji zdjęciowej”.

Sesja ma dodać odwagi kobietom w zdominowanym przez mężczyzn świecie, nie tylko w kontekście powszechności słownego napastowania czy innych form molestowania seksualnego, ale także nieustannego oceniania na podstawie wyglądu. Stąd też na ciałach modelek pojawiły się takie napisy, jak „prawda”, „naturalność”, „kreatywność”, „postęp”. Zdjęcia z przekazem nic nie tracą jednak z seksapilu, z którego znane są wcześniejsze wydania magazynu.

I couldn’t be more excited that today the @si_swimsuit project IN HER OWN WORDS (IHOW) that I and an insanely group of talented women have been working on for almost a year finally came out!!!! This is just a teaser!!! So much more of this to come. The unbelievable crew, to you I am so grateful, couldn’t have done a single day of this without you – @marymguthrie @robynlawley @sailorbrinkleycook @campbellritchie @frankelfresh @avarikki @justinewarwick @joannagiunta @alyssaconroy – you helped bring this thing to life. @mj_day and @si_swimsuit I couldn’t have dreamed of a better platform for this. MJ thank you for believing in me, trusting my creative and pushing me to make this the best it could possibly be. I’m humbled, honored and grateful beyond my own words. WE DID IT!!!! #OWNIT #IHOW @paulinaporizkov Thank you to @vanityfair @goodmorningamerica and of course @si_swimsuit swim daily for the amazing coverage and articles this morning!

Post udostępniony przez Taylor Ballantyne (@taylorbphoto)

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